To be, or knot to be

Take a quick look at this photo.

Doesn’t it kinda look like a shaggy dog? Like my parents’ late terror-of-a-terrier, MollyPuppy, who for many years was desperately in need of a trip to the stylist. Curled up on the … umm… TV tray that stands in for an end table in our living room. (Yes, we’ve lived here 2.5 years. The homestead takes root veeeeery slowly.)

Except, sadly, that’s not what it is. That, my friends, is my project for tonight, a knotty ball of yarn. Jealous, no? I’ve got quite the active social life.

Someday, if I ever get this mess unraveled, I hope to turn it into a scarf. Please don’t hold your breath though. I wouldn’t want to be responsible.


2 thoughts on “To be, or knot to be

    • It’s stuck in yarn purgatory, apparently destined to stay a knotty mess forever — or until Mom unravels it for me, she has much more patience!

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