Operation Cupboard Purge: Interim report

A quick update on Operation Cupboard Purge:

It seems to be working. Although you probably can’t tell from this photo, this is actually quite a dent in our canned goods. Only one row of tuna and pumpkin, rather than two! Be still my heart!

I should have kept better track of all the random food I used up (newbie blogger mistake), but here are some highlights:

– 3 cups of dried yellow split peas in sookhi dal, an Indian dish I made in my slow cooker (though I ended up freezing four jars of it for future lunches, so the food really just transferred from cupboard to freezer)

– 2 cans of pumpkin, a frozen jar of ricotta, and the rest of some year-old freezer burned pancetta as pasta sauce (inspired by sweet potato lasagna from a restaurant in Boston). Leftovers back in the freezer… see above

– 2 cans of tuna in tuna casserole, a Schoberg family Ash Wednesday tradition. I serendipitously didn’t have any cream of mushroom soup so I used the rest of our mayo and some creme fraiche, and it was the best tuna cass I’ve ever eaten (sorry Mom!)

– a boxed paste for veggie biryani I bought right after our trip to India….which was four years ago. Oops.

– finished a bag of frozen shrimp I’d bought after the BP oil spill in a jambalaya

– farina (Cream of Wheat): this was given to us but I hate the texture, so Craig has been taking one for the team and eating it every day for breakfast. (best husband ever)

We’ve had such success that we’re tacking on a second week to the challenge…and then we’ll need to blow $100 on all the groceries!

Anyone else make anything… errr… creative out of their cupboard stash recently?