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One of my strengths in life is I’m big on ideas (see my Pinterest boards for all my dream projects), but not so great on follow through. That’s where Craig steps in. After months of dreaming about open shelving in our kitchen, we got them up, thanks to him. (I owe you babe!)

Here’s where I’d left things for oh, about a month: taped off lines where I wanted the shelves to be.


The step that held us up the longest was picking out the corbels, because the stores here in Kenosha don’t really have a ton of selection. So we finally ventured to the Home Depot in Racine and found some fun wavy ones that felt like they fit in well with the vintage character of our house.

After much (MUCH!) debate, we used three per shelf — the two on the ends went into studs, and we anchored one in the middle so the shelf wouldn’t bow. We (by we I mean Craig) made a handy paper guide inspired by one of my fave home blogs, Young House Love, to ensure proper placing and spacing of the two screws we’d need to hold up each of the corbels.


Once he had the corbels in, he screwed a board on top. My plan is to line these shelves with jars, so we went with 1×8 poplar boards since we wouldn’t need too much depth to them.



Then down came the whole ensemble to be primed and painted! This part I did help with. How nice of me.



Later in the week,once the paint had hardened, Craig put them back up. Unfortunately it was too tough to put the up assembled, so he had to take them apart and rescrew everything back together again. (Did I mention how awesome my husband is?)

So that’s where we’re at — I’ll post the big reveal once I put the contents of this overflowing box into jars. Oh the things that make me happy!


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