Thinking of the outside box

Craig had to work all weekend, so guess who I suckered into a home improvement project?


Thanks Mom and Dad!

This was a barter in exchange for a netbook we never used (too slow to do work on, but perfect for Mom to cruise the net). I think I won out in this deal. They both worked their tails off.

I wanted to put in two new vegetable garden beds, but in order to do that, we needed to move the two existing ones so they’d look logical in the yard. Dad tried to talk me into some alternative layouts to cut down on the work (smart guy), but in the end I decided it would be best to not be lazy and line them all up along the driveway as I’d originally planned.


I had purchased some 6-foot cedar boards to make the boxes (I wanted two 3×6 beds), so first Dad cut a couple of boards in half with our recently inherited table saw.

Then he screwed them together while Mom held. They make a good team.





Dad worked on leveling them, squaring them, and pounding in some stakes to hold them in place…


…while Mom and I started digging out the soil from the old beds. Guess what we found?



Then we put a layer of newspaper into the new beds to kill the grass underneath and started shoveling on the soil we’d just dug out. Dad took apart the old beds and moved them into formation with the new ones and then we put newspaper and soil in those too. If that makes sense. The ole’ switcheroo.


At the end of the day (as in, at sunset), here’s what we ended up with.


A one-screw-gun salute to my new boxes. The weather is so beautiful right now and I can’t wait to get planting!

Anyone else getting their gardening groove on?

5 thoughts on “Thinking of the outside box

  1. Dano was out with a chainsaw this weekend. Dad should come up next time for that – you know guys love using chainsaws!

    New boxes look great – where was Lucy? She’s usually nosing into every picture!

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