Spring has sprung

My mother-in-law came to visit this weekend to celebrate her birthday. She somehow managed to sleep until 8:30 (!), while poor me was out of bed two hours earlier. Because I’m an old lady who can’t sleep in.

So in order to not wake up her dog, who has hardwoodfloorophobia and whined the entire visit, I spent those two hours playing in the garden. I cleared out all of the coneflowers I’d left for the birds to nibble at and all of the rest of the foliage I’d been too lazy to do anything about in the fall.


Here’s what I unearthed….




Chives, oregano, and garlic.



Flowers. Black-eyed Susan’s, coneflowers, even hostas, which are usually the last to peek out of the ground.

Our maple tree is leafing out, and our lilacs are about to start flowering.


Oh, and one of my coworkers told me she heard it is supposed to snow next week. Do I need to worry about these beauties?

Happy birthday Pat!


One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. It will snow next week. It’s my spring break, and history shows it’s always bad weather for my spring break!

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