Weekend in review

3 half-pints rhubarb ginger jam

3 half-pints Meyer lemon curd


1 lb frozen rhubarb

1 lb frozen radish greens

Enough mesclun, arugula, and spinach harvested that we’re going to turn into a salad

Acorn squash, pattypan squash, and muskmelons planted

Patio furniture rearranged

6 flower pots planted


Window boxes replanted

Stones removed from backyard flower beds

Edging fixed on herb garden

Lawn mowed

Lawn fertilized

Diana and Craig exhausted

4 thoughts on “Weekend in review

  1. did I guilt you inyo this posting?

    1 garden planted
    3 flower pots planted
    1 swan planted
    3 tomato plants planted

    • I have to keep my readers happy!

      Ok, “1 swan planted” cracks me up. It sounds like the gardener’s version of the 12 days of Christmas.

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