Return of the robin’s nest

Last summer, our front yard was taken over by robins. Well, more specifically, the light above our front door was. A robin built a nest there and like a squatter laid claim to the rest of our property, eyeing us up from a perch on the crabapple tree, dive-bombing us should we dare try to get into a car parked in the driveway, hovering on the other side of our glass door if we tried to exit. One night, Lucy caught one of the chicks and the rest of the robin clan lined up on some cable wires to chastise her, chirping angrily and flying within inches of her back while she obliviously sniffed around for more little birdies to play with. (I’m ashamed to admit, Craig and I stood in the safety of the sunroom and watched the whole thing go down.)

Well, fast forward a year and we’ve got more robin’s nest — but this time, by choice.


We took advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend and painted the nursery a shade called “robin’s nest” by Benjamin Moore (color matched to Olympic no-VOC paint since the nearest store that sells BM’s Natura line — its no-VOC version — is more than half an hour away). The newest member of the homestead is due to arrive a little less than three months from now, so in a way it feels early to get ‘er done. But since I can still occasionally smell fumes from the last room we painted over a year ago, we wanted to leave plenty of time for the room to air out — and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of last minute things to keep us busy as we get closer.

Because Craig and I are not the types to make snap decisions… or any decisions, for that matter… we’ve been debating this whole paint color selection for months. The room, which for the past year or so had been our office, was a horrid shade of khaki bequeathed to us by the previous owners of the house. We were leaning toward painting it gray and then having yellow accents, but we have two greige rooms upstairs (and of course neither is the same shade) along with a lavender-gray colored hallway so we thought introducing one more gray into the mix would be a little too much. Besides, when else can we go all out and paint a room a fun color? Our last attempt at that was a big bright green fail, so we were excited, and scared, to try again.

We noticed that several of the nurseries I’ve pinned on Pinterest were aqua, so I researched (surprise) to see which shades people had success with and ended up with four possibilities.  I bought $3 sample pots of each at Lowe’s so we could see which one we liked best:

The computer screen doesn’t do them justice, though they were awfully similar. We were intrigued by the Whythe blue — supposedly, it’s the color used in Don Draper’s house in Mad Men — but it seemed a little too moody for a nursery. (A future dining room, perhaps?) We’d read such great things about robin’s nest (I got Craig involved in all of this over-researching) that we decided to go for it. It’s one of those chameleon colors that changes with the light, kinda like my crazy eyes. A little more green in sunlight, a little more blue in artificial light. I love, love, love it.

My doctor had already given me the go-ahead to paint, so I helped Craig out with the first coat. I was surprised that what I found unbearably smelly wasn’t the paint, but the painters tape. Ewww. In fact, when we got to the second coat I asked Craig if he’d be able to do it himself because the tape smell was just too much for me, and of course since he is the Best Husband Ever (right dear?), he obliged. In the meantime I finished up another nursery project I’ll tell you about soon…

So there you have it, how we actually decided on a color for the nursery and survived to tell about it. What do you think? Anyone have any tips for moving beyond paint paralysis?

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