Nursery, part deux

For about a year, I’ve been living in some sort of fantasy world where I buy vintage furniture pieces and paint them. First it was winter that got in my way, then it was pregnancy — yeah, I’m full of excuses. But this weekend I strongarmed sweetalked Craig into acting as my refinishing surrogate and help me update a dresser for the nursery.

Isn’t she lovely?


The dresser was actually Craig’s when he was a boy and had been sitting in the basement at his mom’s house for years (it still has that Nickels basement scent). She was looking to get rid of some furniture and we are now in need of some, so it was a win-win for everyone. Especially us. Here’s how it looked back in the day (well, technically, just the day before):

I love how the new paint job modernizes the old honey stain, like a great dye job on a mousey, starting-to-gray mop of hair (not that I’d know anything about that..)

The whole process was relatively simple, at least from where I was standing a good 15 feet away. I helped with the first part — unscrewing the knobs and giving the drawer faces a quick swipe with sandpaper. One of the knobs was stuck on, as if it had been glued, so I taped around that one with painters tape so it would stay brown like the rest of them. Then Craig took over with priming and painting (we used the Zinsser primer and white paint we’d used on the kitchen shelf project we did right before I found out I was pregnant, so since they weren’t no-VOC I thought it best to bow out of this part of the project).

I made myself feel useful and grilled us up some corn.

Three coats later and Craig put the drawers in the garage to dry overnight. The next morning, I screwed in the knobs and vacuumed out the spider webs, then we hauled all of the pieces upstairs into our newly painted nursery. I love it with the vintage dog lamp on top (another score out of the Nickels family basement), and now I can’t wait to stuff it full of cloth diapers and itty bitty clothes! Here’s another look so you don’t have to scroll up:

Anyone else loving two-toned pieces lately, or dig any buried treasure out of a basement? What is that basement smell, anyhow?

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