Hoppy Easter!

Corny headline, I know, but I’ve got an almost-five-month old — what do you expect?



I went on a crazy baby craft bender on Friday night, and in the carnage was this bunny hat (idea ripped off from The Red Kitchen) The post describes making the hat as “mega easy,” and yes indeed it was. I used an old long underwear shirt of mine that… ahem… seems to have shrunk in the wash. For a pattern, I traced a hat of B.’s that’s getting too small and just added a little extra all the way around plus some ear-shaped appendages. For the ultimate in laziness I used the bottom hem of the shirt as the bottom hem of the hat. The original calls for polyfil to stuff in the ears, but I didn’t have any and it was 10 p.m. so I chopped up some old mesh curtains from Ikea that I’ve been hanging onto for four years (since deciding they looked like crap in our dining room) and that seemed to do the trick. Warm head, cute baby, happy momma! Now that Easter’s over I was thinking I could just unstuff the ears and tie them into a knot and have a spring hat for that adorable noggin. Because, you know, why waste 10 minutes’ worth of effort..












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