Dairy State Homestead: Get Off Your Duff edition

Craig clued me in to a new to-do list program called Trello to help me get more organized. (I think I’m a lost cause…. Mom doesn’t call me “Hurricane Diana” for nothing!)

Instead of starting with the stuff I REALLY need to do, like, ummmm… WORK, I started making a list of blog post ideas.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.21.11 PM


One down!

Every attempt I’ve ever made at online listmaking, save my grocery list, always ends up as the Island of Misfit Tasks I Forgot I Needed To Do Because They Were In A New Program I Forgot I Signed Up For. Let’s see if I can use Trello for longer than it takes me to set up.

Any tips for someone as hopelessly disorganized as me?


One thought on “Dairy State Homestead: Get Off Your Duff edition

  1. looking at your list, I think that you’re getting prepared well in advance for next Easter! You should have the baby rattles done by then. Who are they going to be for? Beatrice will be too old for rattles by then!

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